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Creative USB LED clock fan, safe and soft PVC fan blades, with on/off switch.

Plug and play, easy to set the time.

Flexible metal tube allows to adjust any angle you like.

Small enough to tuck in your bag, to use in a stuffy airplane, or anywhere a little cool breeze would be helpful.

USB powered, low power consumption. Great to use in home an office, it's also great to use in a events and trade shows.

Setting the time

1. Plug into a USB port and press the ON/OFF switch to turn fan on and to activate the clock display.

2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button until minute hand starts blinking.

3. Setting the hour hand: continue to hold ON/OFF button to set the hour hand. The clock will spin clockwise fast, release the button just before the correct hour.

4. Setting the minute hand: After the hour is set, the minute hand will flash, Click the ON/OFF button to move the minute hand forward to the correct time.

5. Leave for 6 seconds and the time is set.


1. Keep your hair, face and eyes away from the rotating fan blades.

2. In order to protect your USB port form damage, be careful not to press hard to the USB connector when adjusting the flexible neck.

3. When the fan is moving keep children under 3 years away from the product.


Type: USB Clock Fan

Material: Plastic, PVC, metal

Quantity: 1pcs

Item Color: Silver

LED Display Color: Green and red

Power Input: DC 5V

Working Current: <350mA (Fan)

Plug: USB

Tube Length: 30cm / 11.8"

Fan Diameter: 8.8cm / 3.5"

Whole Size: 8.8*2.3*41cm / 3.5*0.9*16.1" (L*W*H)

Net Weight:0.06kg / 2.1oz



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